College Operations Support Information

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It is our hope that this will be a useful tool for the faculty, staff, and students of our College. Your input is important, so please don't hesitate to send requests and suggestions. If you have comments on how we can improve these services, information you would like to see, or have questions about any support (both those listed or any not addressed) please contact the number below.

Phil Spreen
Operations Supervisor
College of Science & Engineering
Center for Science #126

Building Issues

Building Modifications
Any changes made to a buildings’ structure (adding/moving utilities, HVAC, comprehensive remodeling) are considered building modifications. These requests should be submitted to the Dept. head for authorization and funding. Once authorization and funding are in place, the Operations Supervisor will carry out the project.

Work Requests
If any part of a buildings’ existing infrastructure is in need of repair or replacement, physical plant will perform the work as part of their operational mission. Please email any replacement/repair concerns to the Physical Plant, or call 361-825-2324.

Building Access
Requests for access to a building or room (key or sanddollar) must be made to the head of the department the building/space is assigned to.
Requests for student access to labs for study purposes can be made to the appropriate lab coordinator.



Academic Lab Support

Any equipment, supply, space or purchasing needs in an academic lab should be directed to the appropriate lab coordinator. The coordinator will take necessary steps to fulfill your request if possible. All safety and hazardous waste concerns should also be directed to your lab coordinator.

To make a purchase use this excel order form. Fill in all the highlighted areas. When prepared, the form can be emailed to the appropriate lab coordinator. Save the order form to your computer for multiple uses if you wish.

Please be aware that purchases take time to arrive.

Estimated arrival time for purchases under $5,000: 2-3 weeks.
Estimated arrival time for purchases over $5,000: 3-4 weeks.

If you wish to make purchases and be reimbursed, please contact your lab coordinator first for purchasing rules and procedures. Do not ask students or teaching assistants to make purchases out of their own pocket to be reimbursed later.

Emergency contact information is located next to in-lab phones.

Research Lab Support

Purchasing needs in research labs is handled by the Operations Office, as well as all safety and hazardous waste concerns. Researchers are responsible for paying for hazardous waste disposal fees.

  • College of Science & Engineering Research Orders - Laura Helbling x2176
  • CSCI & MATH Research Lab Support - David Burk x3379
  • Instrumentation Support - Nikolai Kraiouchkine x2125

Administrative information about grants (contractual obligations, balances, etc.) can be obtained from the Assistant Budget Coordinators: Jordan Greer x3938 or Luis Hernandez x3207.

In case of emergency, see emergency phone list located next to lab phones.

Field Operations

All academic field trip and field research needs should be directed to the field operations coordinator. This includes: site reservations, vehicle/boat reservations, equipment needs or purchases, authorization to drive university vehicles and boats, and all other field related activities. If you plan to make purchases while on a field trip, please contact the field operations coordinator first for purchasing rules and procedures.

Field Operations Coordinators:

  • PENS, LSCI, CSCI, MATH - Chriss Shope x2887
  • Center for Coastal Studies - N/A
  • Conrad Blucher Institute - N/A

Before leaving on a field trip, trip leaders should be familiar with emergency procedures, location of emergency forms, and numbers and location of relevant documents (insurance, gas card, boat registration cards, etc.) Any trip leaders NOT familiar with these items and procedures should request a brief orientation with the FOC or read the pertinent sections in the Field Operations Manual.

You must have ALL students fill out a Field Trip Waiver form before departing for your trip. Forms can be obtained from departmental administrators.


University Property

Controlled Items
Any item costing $5,000 or more, cameras, projectors, any computer or any other item bearing a university property tag is considered a controlled item by the state. If you wish to use any of these items off-campus, you must fill out an off-campus use form with appropriate property officer.

If a controlled item is lost or stolen while in your possession, you must file a report with the university police department, and file a missing/stolen item report with the appropriate property officer.

Property officers

  • LSCI - Ken Brown x3907
  • PENS - Michael Garcia x2125
  • CSCI - David Burk x3379
  • MATH - David Burk x3379
  • ENGR - John Gonzalez
  • S&E - Roy Ferdin x2471
  • CCS - Brien Nicolau x5807
  • NSCS - Tony Wood x3333
  • WATR - Dorina Murgulet x2309


For inventory purposes, all items are associated with a particular building and room. If you move equipment to a new location, email the property tag # (see below) and new location to the appropriate property officer.

Photos of various property tags