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About the Corpus Christi Regional Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad is a nonprofit organization developed to improve the quality of science education, increase student interest in science, and provide recognition of outstanding achievement in science education by both students and teachers. All of this is done through interscholastic competitions where students in grades K-12 (Texas State only offers programs for grades 6-12) can participate at invitational, local, regional, state, and national level competitions against teams from all 50 states.

Regional Tournaments
All Texas teams are expected to compete at a regional qualifying tournament to advance to State competition. We are happy to have eight regional hosting competitions. Guidelines for the regional competitions are as follows:

  • Each regional will host both a B and C division competition.
  • These will be 'open boundary' regional's, so a team may select any of the regional's that are offered.
  • Each team must attend one regional to be considered for advancement to the State competition -- they may only attend one regional.
  • Practice tournaments (Invitational's) will be encouraged at high school and middle school sites. Invitational's can be at any time, but some Fall competitions will be encouraged. Each team MUST be a paid member of the Texas Science Olympiad to compete at a practice/invitational tournament.
  • Registration fee is $250 PER TEAM. This pays the State and National affiliation fees and provides each team with the coach's manual and entry of one 15 member team into one regional competition. Qualifying teams advance to State, with the State winners advancing to Nationals.
  • Multiple teams from a school are encouraged to compete at regional competitions. The registration fee for EACH TEAM is $250.
  • All teams from the same school must compete at the same regional. All teams from the same school will also compete at the same time period for each event (all have odd or all have even team numbers if teams assigned to odd/even time periods).
  • 30 schools per division will advance from regionals to State competition. Two (2) international slots will also be available on a non-competitive basis.
  • The first place team at each regional will automatically advance to state level competition.
  • Remaining slots for state will be filled on a basis of percentage of schools registered (say, 1/5 of schools from each regional will advance to state, with a minimum of the first place team advancing).
  • No more than 1 team from the same school may advance to State competition.
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"Science Olympiad is a nonprofit organization developed to improve the quality of science education & student interest in science. We provide recognition of outstanding achievement in science education."

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