Simon Geist

Simon Geist, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: TH 337
Phone: 361-825-4164

Curriculum Vitae

Dr Simon Geist started the Early Life History Research lab in 2015. Dr. Geist came to TAMU-CC from Bremen, Germany where he worked at the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research. The research lab investigates processes and mechanisms that affect the survival of larval and early juvenile stages of finfish and other fisheries resources. Research questions address spatio-temporal distributions of early life history stages, community composition of larval assemblages in relation to environmental parameters, larval health and vital rates, trophic associations in the planktonic food web, and testing ecological and eco-physiological hypotheses under controlled experimental conditions. This understanding is important for prediction of future recruitment success and strength of fish populations. The lab is equipped with a variety of plankton sampling gear (nets and light traps), microscope imaging systems and Zooscan, freeze drier, ultrafine scale and microplate reader.


Marine biology, early processes and mechanisms of larval assemblages, fish populations