Richard Coffin

Richard Coffin, Ph.D.

Chair and Professor of Physical and Environmental Sciences

Office: NRC 3500
Phone: 361-825-2814

Curriculum Vitae


Currently a primary science interest addresses geochemical evaluation of methane contribution to coastal ocean sediment and water column carbon cycling. Studies combine a broad range of geochemical, geologic and geophysical data to understand the distribution of deep sediment methane hydrate deposits, their contribution to shallow sediment carbon cycling and the potential for contribution to climate change and availability as a new source of energy. Studies in the Gulf of Mexico and off the mid Chilean Margin have focused on evaluation of deep sediment methane hydrate deposits as a future energy, in the Beaufort Sea research focuses on current climate change; on the Chatham Rise off the coast of New Zealand paleogeochemistry addresses past climate change; and at the Hikurangi Margin, a northern region off New Zealand, research addresses the contribution of methane from forced fluid advection creative by plate convergence to shallow sediment carbon cycling.