Michael Wetz

Michael Wetz, Ph.D.

Professor of Marine Biology and Harte Research Institute Endowed Chair

Office: HRI 316
Phone: 361-825-2132
Email: michael.wetz@tamucc.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Wetz’s lab is working on several issues related to coastal ecosystem processes including carbonate systems in subtropical estuaries, photochemical degradation of organic carbon in a eutrophic, semiarid estuary as well as water quality issues in Texas estuaries. His field work also includes harmful algal boom monitoring and assessment plans as well as the frequency of red tide in Nueces-Corpus Christi bay. He also has been working in a multidisciplinary ecosystem assessment of Matagorda Bay to inform conservation of endangered sea turtles.


Coastal Ecosystem Processes, Water Quality trends in Texas Estuaries, Brown tide spatial-temporal distribution in Baffin Bay, Texas.