Emad Tahtamouni

Emad Tahtamouni, Ph.D.

Professional Assistant Professor

Office: TH 132
Phone: 361-825-5819
Email: m-emad.tahtamouni@tamucc.edu

I’ve been a biology educator for nearly six years and currently a Professional Assistant Professor of Biology at the Department of Life Sciences at TAMUCC. My Teaching responsibilities have included instruction in microbiology, general biology for majors, and non-science major introductory biology. Also, I teach online biology and microbiology classes. Furthermore, I have participated by teaching Biology for the learning communities where I meet with learning community instructors, coordinate with them, and provide advice to students to explore scientific issues, formulate a research questions, and search for scientific articles to answer these questions. When teaching, I consider myself a facilitator, whose role is to help students to engage and take responsibility for their learning. Although my focus here at TAMUCC is teaching mainly, research hasn’t been neglected and therefore I am collaborating with my fellows on some research areas in the field of soil microbial diversity and plant-microbial interaction.