Mohamed Ahmed

Mohamed Ahmed, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geophysics

Office: NRC 3102
Phone: 361-825-3278

Curriculum Vitae


I apply integrated (geophysics, remote sensing, hydrogeology, modeling, GIS) approaches to investigate a wide range of complex problems. My current research activities involve the use of gravity data (i.e., GRACE, EGM, ground-based), magnetic data (i.e., airborne and ground-based), electromagnetic data (i.e., VLF, GPR), electric data (i.e., VES and profiling), geochemical analyses (i.e., oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon isotopes), remote sensing data (i.e., TRMM, GPM, SMAP, CMAP, Landsat, LiDAR, PALSAR, ERS, Envisat, SPOT, ASTER, GeoEye) and techniques, hydrological (i.e., SWAT), land surface (i.e., GLDAS, CLM), and climate (i.e., CESM) models, statistical approaches (i.e., artificial neural network, linear regression), as well as GIS methodologies and techniques (i.e., web-based GIS) to address a variety of geophysical, geological, hydrological, and environmental problems.