Kim Withers

Kim Withers, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Interim Director of Center for Coastal Studies

Office: NRC 3205
Phone: 361-825-5907

Curriculum Vitae

I have been at Texas A&M University -Corpus Christi for the last 26 years, first as a research scientist and adjunct professor in the Center for Coastal Studies (17 years), and then as a member of the faculty in the Department of Life Sciences. I also currently coordinate the Biology Bachelor’s Degree Program. I often describe myself as a “jack-of-all trades” because I am a naturalist, doing research in a wide variety of disciplines from community ecology to animal behavior. I have expertise in plants and animals of both terrestrial and coastal realms and my students and I have done field research on such widely disparate taxonomic groups as benthic invertebrates, fish, turtles, and birds and lab research on autecology of porcelain crabs, bay scallops, and crayfish. My teaching interests encompass a similarly wide range; I teach several of the “-ologies,” e.g., Mammalogy, Ornithology, as well as an advanced invertebrate course, Animal Behavior, and Vertebrate Zoology.