Frauke Seemann

Frauke Seemann, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marine Biomedical Science

Office: TH 332
Phone: 361-825-2683

Being a globe trotter (Hong Kong (Postdoc), France (Ph.D. ecotoxicology)) with German roots (M.Sc. marine biology), I’m curious to discover the southern Texan way of life. I love to share my passion for biology, marine organisms and research with the hope to inspire and be inspired by the islander community. My research focuses on the investigation of potentially sensitive periods for environmental stressor exposure during organism’s embryonic and larval development, particularly the immune system and bone tissue development in fish to advance the intriguing question how early-lifetime stress may not only result in later-lifetime diseases of the organism but may also induce transgenerational alterations in the offspring, generating more far-reaching impacts on the population. Using the various medaka fish models, my lab is investigating pollutant-induced impacts on the molecular cellular, tissue and organism level and over generations. This approach allows for the identification of potential epigenetic, genetic or protein key markers, which may be employed to obtain information about the individual fitness upon exposure, and further explored for diagnostic and/or therapeutic approaches for human health.


Environmental Health and Toxicology