Felix Omoruyi

Felix Omoruyi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Clinical Laboratory Science

Office: TH 238
Phone: 361-825-2473
Email: felix.omoruyi

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Omoruyi’s research focuses on the changes in metabolic processes in diabetes mellitus to establish the mechanisms involved in various approaches to the development and management of the disease. My research team is interested in assessing the potency of the extracts from medicinal plants against promyelocytic leukemia cells and human peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBLs). Additionally, we are interested in the combined use of phytic acid, inositol, and metformin as a dietary supplement for the effective treatment of diabetes mellitus with less adverse side effects than current oral therapies. Our Biokinesiology research team works to unravel how acute and chronic thermotherapy affects miRNA, HSP70 gene expression, and oxidative stress and inflammation indices in healthy and type 2 diabetic human skeletal muscle cells. Lastly, we are also interested in assessing the effects of nutrient stress on human skeletal muscle metabolism, emphasizing oxidative stress, and atrophy markers in healthy and diabetic cell models.


Currently, research in my laboratory is centered on the biochemical changes in the red blood cell membrane and serum in fairly and poorly controlled diabetic patients relative to healthy control.