Cherie McCollough

Cherie McCollough, Ph.D.

Full Professor and Chair of the Department of Life Sciences; Program Coordinator - Science, Math & Technology Education

Office: TH 309
Phone: 361-825-3166

Curriculum Vitae

I’ve been a science educator for nearly 30 years and am currently Professor and Chair for the Department of Life Sciences. My research arena is in culturally relevant teaching, educational research and teaching future science teachers while helping faculty and others with their teaching.  My administrative role involves helping students and faculty achieve their  research and teaching goals. We have an amazing campus and the department is housed Tidal Hall, a state-of-the-art research building completed in 2019. Our faculty are student-centered as well as research and teaching intensive. We are always seeking top notch graduate and undergraduate students to accompany us in marine biology, biomedical sciences, fisheries and mariculture, clinical laboratory sciences, conservation/restoration laboratories and field environments. We are a dynamic department, committed to your success, and will provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to become highly qualified in your educational and life-long pursuits. We would love to have you come aboard!


Science education; student retention; multicultural education; teacher mentoring and training; avian ecology and population biology