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The Department of Computing Science

The Department of Computing Sciences (CSCI) prepares students to pursue productive careers and advanced degrees in computer science, geospatial computing sciences, and geographic information sciences and to carry out scholarly investigations that enrich the educational experience of the students and advances their state of knowledge in the field. In addition, CSCI seeks to promote excellence in all endeavors and diversity in both its student population and faculty.

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The Department of Engineering

The Engineering Program produces graduates that can acquire career opportunities in industry, government and education; including energy and utility companies, refineries, aerospace firms, biomedical equipment manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, electronics and computer manufacturers, construction firms and equipment manufacturers, HVAC manufacturers, consulting firms, colleges and universities, and government labs and engineering centers.

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The Department of Life Science

The Department of Life Sciences explores life processes from a variety of perspectives, expanding the scientific knowledge base from the molecular/biochemical to the global levels. An understanding of such processes allows our students, faculty and staff to develop theories, concepts and discoveries into practical applications. We hold high standards of performance, and our graduates are admitted to positions of responsibility, and to noted graduate and professional schools throughout the state, nation and world.

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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics

While most people think of teaching and applications of statistics as the main employment opportunities for a mathematician, the range of opportunities is much wider. A math degree involves rigorous analytical thinking and problem solving, traits applicable in a wide range of fields including engineering, finance, medicine, computer science, data science, government careers, law, insurance and many others.

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The Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences

The Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences (PENS) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is an interdisciplinary department that offers undergraduate degrees in Atmospheric Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, and Physics (a multi-university joint degree as a member of the Texas Physics Consortium). We also offer master's degrees in Coastal and Marine System Science, Environmental Science, and Chemistry. Additionally, we offer a PhD degree in Coastal and Marine System Sciences. 

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