Mathematics MS

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Program Mission

The mission of the Graduate Mathematics program is to increase understanding and the ability to apply mathematics and statistics through in-depth study, novel applications, and research. The areas of emphasis are mathematics education and applications of mathematics and statistics. The faculty engages in research and scholarly activities at the forefront of their specialties, with established and developing connections with the mathematics, statistics and education communities at large, and leads students through program research activities and projects or theses. The program prepares students for careers in education, science, and industry and serves the community by providing expertise to local schools, coastal industry, business, and research centers.

Program Tracks

Students pursuing the Master of Science degree with a major in Mathematics will choose between an Applied and Computational Mathematics, a Statistics option, and a Curriculum Content option. The Applied and Computational Mathematics option will especially benefit individuals employed in scientific, technical, or education fields who seek advancement or additional training to enhance their knowledge and skills. The statistics option prepares individuals to work with statistical data analysis in science, industry or business. The Curriculum Content option specifically addresses the needs of in-service teachers wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills in learning, teaching and understanding mathematics. In each option, a capstone product allows students to focus their coursework on broad applications. The Applied and Computational Mathematics option requires a thesis; the Statistics and the Curriculum Content option allows for a thesis or project. The thesis option starts with a broad foundation, and then encourages a specialized study culminating in a thesis based upon original research, supported by the mathematical literature. The thesis requirement for the master’s degree will allow a person to pursue advanced graduate study, or to obtain employment in most areas that require a detailed knowledge of a specific aspect of mathematics or statistics. The project allows a student to demonstrate particular ability with some part of the Curriculum Content or Statistics. The project will be an original work supported by a mathematical or statistics literature review. A thesis may be more scholarly oriented, while a project is more suited than a thesis to demonstrate practical experience and it may be broader in scope. The project is recommended for students targeting positions in applied science, industry or business, while the thesis may be more appropriate for students targeting academia and theory. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Demonstrate a command of principles of general mathematics at the graduate level.
  • Recognize mathematics outside the realm of the classroom, and apply graduate level mathematical content as a matter of professional practice.
  • Communicate mathematics effectively at the graduate level, in oral and written form, with appropriate use of technology.