Mathematics BS

The mission of the Mathematics Program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is to increase the knowledge and use of mathematics by persons both at the university and in the surrounding area. We strive to educate students at the University so that they are prepared to use mathematics intelligently in their chosen fields of study and to understand mathematics as it affects their lives and participation in public affairs. In addition, the Mathematics Program provides its majors and graduate students with preparation for careers in education, science, and commerce, as well as providing a solid foundation for further study in mathematics. In support of the graduate program, the mathematics faculty pursues scholarship in mathematics, applications of mathematics, and instruction in mathematics. Finally, the Mathematics Program serves the community by providing its expertise to local schools, industry, and businesses.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Demonstrate command of principles of general mathematics at the undergraduate level.
  • Recognize mathematics outside the realm of the classroom, and apply undergraduate level mathematical content as a matter of professional practice.
  • Communicate mathematics effectively at the undergraduate level, in oral and written form, with appropriate use of technology.

There are three tracks for the degree: Secondary Mathematics Teaching, leading to teacher certification; Applied/Industrial Mathematics, preparing students for employment; and General Mathematical Studies; preparing students for further studies in mathematics.  All options share a common core that consists of 32 hours of mathematics, physics, and programming.