The mission of the Geology Program is to provide integrated and process-oriented curricula, based on fundamental scientific principles and processes that enable graduates to pursue challenging careers and maintain lifelong learning. The Geology Program is designed to serve students majoring in geology and environmental science as well as students in other fields who are interested in adding to their knowledge of the Earth. Support is also provided for students preparing to earn certification for teaching at the K-12 level, and interested non-science majors. Members of the geoscience faculty provide majors with a broad overview of geologic processes while offering the opportunity to pursue specialized knowledge in selected areas of geoscience in preparation for graduate study and careers in government, industry, or academia.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology by following the degree plan for geology majors as described below. Students considering certification for 4-8 level science teaching should consult the Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (SMTE) section of this catalog.

Student learning outcomes

Students will:

  • show competence in scientific inquiry, writing, and oral presentation;
  • demonstrate a broad understanding of major concepts central to the geological sciences;
  • demonstrate competency and be able to apply field and laboratory methods, perform data analysis, and utilize computer applications relevant to the geological sciences;
  • be employable in geology-related fields, or able to continue their education in graduate programs;
  • be able to evaluate and critically discuss issues related to geology that impact society.