The biology program provides diverse training for careers in the biological sciences. The biology curriculum includes content courses required for (1) teacher certification in life science, (2) acceptance to post-graduate studies, and (3) pre-professional studies in preparation for admission to professional schools.

Students will acquire content and skills to enter a variety of biology-related careers such as research, marine biology, wildlife and coastal management, environmental protection, laboratory technician, biotechnology industry, medical or environmental microbiology, technical writing, pharmaceutical sales, careers in the medical, dental, and allied health fields, and science education.

Field and laboratory courses emphasize the development of practical skills in using special materials and equipment. Focus is on enhancement of critical thinking skills, which will prepare the student for careers in the biological sciences as well as in other general areas of employment.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Possess a broad understanding of biology.
  • Understand the scientific method and use it to develop and conduct biological experiments.
  • Have the skills necessary to successfully communicate biological information to a range of audiences.

The Honors Program

The Honors Program (admission by application only) offers highly motivated students from any academic discipline an enriched program of study in which to develop global perspectives. Appropriate courses approved by both a student’s Biology faculty mentor and Honors advisor may count toward the Biology degree. Thus, a Biology student in the Honors track can usually graduate with no additional course work. For more information, consult the section entitled “Honors Program” near the front of this catalog.