Forensic Science Option

This interdisciplinary option allows students to prepare for careers in forensic science (including entrance into graduate or professional programs in forensic science and related areas). Prospective students should be aware that employers in forensic science typically require employees to meet personal suitability requirements (e.g., honesty, integrity, and scientific objectivity). Background checks and drug tests similar to those required for law enforcement officers are likely to be a condition of employment.

To earn a Bachelor of Sciences in Biomedical Sciences, all students must complete the General University Requirements for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and the Biomedical Sciences Core Requirements.

The current Undergraduate Catalog contains a description of the Biomedical Sciences Program. A list of required courses and electives is also found in the Sample Schedule for Forensic Science Students. A student (in consultation with his or her Faculty Mentor and Academic Advisor) selects appropriate electives to personalize the Blank Forensic Science Degree Plan.

Students in this option must take a standardized assessment test during their senior year, prior to graduation.

Important Note: Laboratory Safety Seminars are co-requisites course for all courses in the Department of Life Sciences that have a laboratory component.  This non-credit course is designed as an on-line offering that must be passed by students each semester and at a grade of 100%.  Students will be responsible for taking safety courses with different course numbers of SMTE, as each lab must meet different safety requirements as specified by the A&M System, depending on the types of hazardous materials used in each lab.  Students will not be charged a fee for taking these seminar courses.