The mission of Clinical Laboratory Science at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is to prepare students for productive career in clinical laboratory science and related fields and to provide students with the intellectual, cultural and ethical foundations necessary to contribute effectively and positively to a changing global community.


The goals of Clinical Laboratory Science at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi include:

  1. providing the student with a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon through added experience. This foundation should include:
    1. an in-depth knowledge of techniques, principles, instruments, and their inter-relationships in the clinical laboratory at hospitals as well as in a variety of other settings.
    2. the ability to recognize the interdependency of clinical laboratory tests and interpret the validity of the tests through knowledge of the physiological and pathological conditions which affect the tests.
    3. a sense of pride in the quality of work and in the contribution toward quality patient care.
    4. a continuing interest in expanding their knowledge and in professional advancement.
    5. a basic understanding of leadership skills and techniques as applied to the clinical laboratory.
    6. the educational background necessary to provide the flexibility to adapt to an evolving profession and to accept the challenge of new opportunities.
  2. supporting and encouraging intellectual growth of the faculty through applied research and continued education.
  3. developing innovative programs, curricula and teaching methods to meet the needs of the diverse student population and the changing profession.
  4. providing information, expertise and service to the community.

For more information about Clinical Laboratory Science, visit the Biomedical Sciences Program website:

… or contact the Director of Clinical Laboratory Science, Dr. Jean Sparks

Telephone: (361) 825-2473
FAX: (361) 825-3719
Office: CS-130G, Unit 5802
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
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