Clinical Laboratory Science Courses

Clinical Laboratory Science is an interesting, challenging, and rewarding profession. Clinical laboratory scientists obtain and analyze clinical laboratory data and consult with physicians and others regarding those data. Working in hospitals, clinics, research laboratories, physicians’ offices or public health laboratories, they are responsible for performing (or directing those who perform) a variety of chemical, hematological, immunological, microbiological, serological, and other laboratory procedures. Furthermore, the clinical laboratory scientist is also responsible for quality assurance in the laboratory and the supervision of other laboratory personnel.

To earn a Bachelor of Sciences in Biomedical Sciences, all students must complete the General University Requirements for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and the Biomedical Sciences Core Requirements.

Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science Option-Required Pre-requisite Courses

Course # Course Title SCH
CHEM 4401 Biochemistry I 4
BIMS 4406 Immunology 4
BIOL 2416 Genetics 4

Clinical Laboratory Science Curriculum

Course # Course Title SCH
BIMS 3200 Essentials for Applied Laboratory Sciences 2
BIMS 3102 Essentials Laboratory for CLS 1
BIMS 4325 Clinical Chemistry I 3
BIMS 4326 Clinical Chemistry II 3
BIMS 4420 Hematology 4
BIMS 4430 Clinical Immunology 4
BIMS 4370 Medical Bateriology 3
BIMS 4371 Clinical Microbiology 3
BIMS 4380 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Profession 3
BIMS 4382 Advanced Medical Laboratory Procedures 3
BIMS 4200 Professional Skills for Clinical Laboratory Science 2
BIMS 4182 Seminar-Clinical Correlations 1
BIMS 4297 Professional Practium I 2
BIMS 4598 Professional Practium II 5
BIMS 4599 Professional Practium III 5

Admission to these courses is limited to students who have a minimum GPA of 2.5, and who have a “C” or better in all prerequisite Biology, Chemistry, and Biomedical Sciences courses. Full-time students will be given preference for admission to these courses.

Clinical Laboratory Science Certification and Post-Baccalaureate CLS Courses

The clinical laboratory scientist holds a key position in life-and-death matters involving the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Therefore, the practice of clinical laboratory science requires professional certification that is regulated both from within the profession and, in some states, by law. To apply for certification as a clinical laboratory scientist, a student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi must complete the course work required for the baccalaureate degree.

A student who has a baccalaureate degree in Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, or Microbiology, or who is completing the requirements for such a degree, may apply for post-baccalaureate certification in one of three areas: General Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS-Generalist), Clinical Chemist, or Medical Microbiologist. National certification examinations are given through the American Society for Clinical Pathology, Board of Certification (ASCP, BOC). Before applying to take a certification examination in any area of clinical laboratory science, a student must complete those Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science Option courses required for certification in that area, and have earned a “C” or better in all BIMS courses.

Students who are seeking more information about requirements for the different areas of certification, or who are interested in applying for admission to courses or certification examinations should contact the Director of Clinical Laboratory Science directly.

For help designing a personal degree plan and scheduling courses, a student should contact his or her Faculty Mentor and Academic Advisor in addition to consulting the degree plan.

Additional information about Clinical Laboratory Science.

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