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This site contains information about being accepted into graduate and professional schools and is useful to all pre-professional students, whether they are freshman or post-graduates. We try to maintain updated information about pre-requisites, standardized tests and the application process. We include historical data detailing profiles of students who applied to the programs as well as profiles of the students who gained admission. These data can help you evaluate your chances of acceptance.


The College of Science and Engineering has academic advisors who maintain the official records of students and certify that students have fulfilled all requirements for graduation. The School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, and the Department of Life Sciences have academic advisors. Students should visit with their advisors regularly.

Each student has been assigned a faculty mentor to guide him/her through the undergraduate years and help him/her prepare for professional school. Students are matched with faculty mentors who have expertise in advising for particular careers. It is important that students indicate which professional area (medical, dental, veterinary, physician assistant, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, graduate school, etc.) they plan to enter so that the appropriate mentor can be assigned.

Students should see their faculty mentor each semester, preferably as soon as the schedules for the next semester are published. It is to the student's advantage to establish a relationship with his/her faculty mentor who will help the student prepare for graduate or professional school application process. The faculty mentor is responsible for writing the important letter of evaluation for professional school.


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