Eugene Billiot, Ph.D.

Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences

Photo of Eugene Billiot
Dr. Eugene Billiot
Environmental Chemistry Program Coordinator and Professor
Office: CS 208
Phone: (361) 825-2680
Fax: (361) 825-2742
Curriculum Vitae
Ph.D. Louisiana State University
B.S. Nicholls State University


Drs. Eugene and Fereshteh Billiot are husband and wife and work as a team. They have three main areas of ongoing research. The primary focus of their research is investigating and elucidating factors responsible for chiral recognition with media specifically designed for use as chiral pseudostationary phases in capillary electrophoresis (Eugene was recently awarded an NSF CAREER grant to conduct this research). Another area of research focuses on an examination of the distribution, fate, and effect of endocrine disruptors in the environment and the development of bioassays to screen for endocrine disruption activity. The third area of research is a collaborative project with Dr. Suzzette Chopin, which focuses on identification of active components in herbal remedies (for more details, see the research description of Dr. Chopin below). In the last five years, the Billiots have mentored the research of six graduate students and 38 undergraduates. Their students have matriculated at Rice, Cornell, Emory, UCLA, and MIT. Dr. Eugene Billiot's commitment to mentoring is highlighted by his selection (one of eight faculty members so chosen) for the University Academic Center for Enrichment, which mentors at-risk undergraduate students.