Office of the Dean


Photo of Frank Pezold Frank Pezold, Ph.D.
Dean of the College
Office: CI 372
Phone: (361) 825-2349

Fish diversity, systematics, ecology and conservation


Photo of Lea-Der Chen Lea-Der Chen, Ph.D.
Associate Dean; Director, School of Engineering and Computing Sciences
Office: CI 371
Phone: (361) 825-3046

Combustion and Gasification of Biomass and Alternative Fuels; Fuel Characterization; Fuel Cells; Immersive Evaluation of Vehicles; Solar Thermal Power; Wind Turbine
Photo of Mario Garcia Mario Garcia, Ph.D.
Associate Dean; Professor, Computer Science
Office: CI 370
Phone: (361) 825-2898

Network Security; Intrusion Detection/Prevention; Computer Forensics; Web Security; Software Engineering; Artificial Intelligence; Neural Networks; Fuzzy Logic; Intelligent Agents; Genetic Algorithms.


Photo of Michele Roth Michele Roth
Office Manager
Office: CI 372
Phone: (361) 825-2349
Photo of Alison Washburn Alison Washburn
Senior Administrative Assistant
Office: CI 350A
Phone: (361) 825-5777
Photo of Sasha Grime Sasha Grime
Senior Secretary
Office: CI 350B
Phone: (361) 825-6094
Photo of Krystal Thomasson Krystal Thomasson
Event Coordinator
Office: CI 352
Phone: (361) 825-2479
Photo of Sharon Magnuson Sharon Magnuson
Geonomics Core Lab Coordinator
Office: CS 245
Phone: (361) 825-2757

Business Office

Photo of Lisa Garza Lisa Garza
Buisness Coordinator
Office: CI 369
Phone: (361) 825-2560
Photo of Heather Barr Heather Barr
Grants Coordinator
Office: CI 356
Phone: (361) 825-3932
Photo of Luis Hernandez Luis Hernandez
Grants Coordinator
Office: CI 354
Phone: (361) 825-3207
photoUnavailable Business Coordinator
Office CI 368
Phone: (361) 825-3938

Information Technology

Photo of Tom Merrick Tom Merrick
Information Technology Manager
Office: CI 353
Phone: (361) 825-2435
Photo of David Burk David Burk
Network Manager II
Office: CI 318
Phone: (361) 825-3379



Photo of Philip Spreen Philip Spreen
Operations Supervisor
Office: CS 126A
Phone: (361) 825-3304
Photo of Roy Ferdin Roy Ferdin
Operations Technician II
Office: CS 126
Phone: (361) 825-2471
Photo of Chriss Shope Chriss Shope
Field Operations Coordinator
Office: BB SHED
Phone: (361) 825-2887
Photo of Laura Helbling Laura Helbling
Purchasing Specialist
Office: CS 126B
Phone: (361) 825-2176