University Property

Controlled Items
Any item costing $5,000 or more, cameras, projectors, any computer or any other item bearing a university property tag is considered a controlled item by the state. If you wish to use any of these items off-campus, you must fill out an off-campus use form with appropriate property officer.

If a controlled item is lost or stolen while in your possession, you must file a report with the university police department, and file a missing/stolen item report with the appropriate property officer.

Property officers

  • LSCI - Ken Brown x3907
  • PENS - Michael Garcia x2125
  • CSCI - David Burk x3379
  • MATH - David Burk x3379
  • ENGR - John Gonzalez
  • S&E - Phil Spreen x2471
  • CCS - Brien Nicolau x5807
  • NSCS - Tony Wood x3333
  • WATR - Dorina Murgulet x2309


For inventory purposes, all items are associated with a particular building and room. If you move equipment to a new location, email the property tag # (see below) and new location to the appropriate property officer.

Photos of various property tags