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Deborah Overath, Ph.D.

Department of Life Sciences

Photo of Deborah Overath Dr. Deborah Overath  
Assistant Professor of Biology  
Office: EN 312  
Phone: (361) 825-2467  
Fax: (361) 825-2742  
Email: deborah.overath@tamucc.edu  
Curriculum Vitae  
PostDoc 1998-2001, University of Texas (Plant Population Ecology)
Ph.D. 1998, University of Georgia (Genetics)
M.A. 1998, Binghamton University (Biological Sciences)
B.A. 1983, Wells College (Biology/Chemistry, Minor in Mathematics)
As a population geneticist, I am interested in how characteristics of organisms or their environment may influence the amount and distribution of genetic diversity in natural populations and the potential for evolutionary change. I have studied the effects of asexual reproduction and polyploidy on the maintenance of genetic variation in and among populations both empirically and theoretically.†I also have training in ecological modeling, especially life history, and am working on ways to combine ecological and evolutionary models.†Recently, due to growing interest in ecological genetics, I have begun have begun to collaborate on projects related to the genetic basis of and variation in traits of ecological importance, such as life history, competitive abilities, and invasiveness with Dr. Dave Grisť.†In addition, I am interested in how knowledge of genetic variation and its distribution can address questions related to conservation and management of marine and terrestrial plants and animals.†These studies will involve collaborations with colleagues such as Dr. Greg Stunz and Dr. Lee Smee, as well as researchers at the University of Texas and Texas A&M University.

I currently have several undergraduate researchers working in my lab and am looking for graduate students interested in using population genetics approaches to answer a variety of questions.