Faculty & Staff Directory

Administrators for the Fisheries and Mariculture Program

Photo of John ScarpaJohn Scarpa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator
Office: EN 319D
Phone: (361) 825-2369

Mariculture/Aquaculture of bivalves, crustaceans, microalgae and biomedical species (e.g., tunicates); oyster restoration and stock enhancement

Faculty in the Fisheries and Mariculture Program

Photo of Chris Bird Chris Bird, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Office: CS 246
Phone: (361) 825-6024

Molecular Ecology, Evolution, Population Genetics, Marine Biology, Community Ecology, Fisheries Management, Invertebrate Zoology, Biotechnology
Photo of Jeremy Conkle Jeremy Conkle, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Office: HRI 104
Phone: (361) 825-2862

Fate, transport and health (ecosystem and human) impacts of pollutants, particularly emerging contaminants and marine plastics in coastal and marine environments.

Photo of Joe Fox Joe Fox, Ph.D.
Professor of Mariculture, Environmental Science, Coastal & Marine System Science
Office: NRC 3413
Phone: (361) 825-3209

Aquatic animal nutrition, disease and physiology; nutritional ecology; crustacean biology
Photo of Simon Geist Simon Geist, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Office: SL1 101
Phone: (361) 825-4164

Early life history traits of fisheries resources: ecophysiology, ecology, recruitment-environment interactions

Photo of Derek Hogan Derek Hogan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Office: HRI 102
Phone: (361) 825-5883

Marine connectivity; larval dispersal; population ecology; population genetics
Photo of Paul Montagna Paul Montagna, Ph.D.
Endowed Chair for Ecosystems Studies and Modeling
Office: HRI 210A
Phone: (361) 825-2040

Coastal ecology with emphasis on watersheds & estuaries; ecosystems with emphasis on water quality & benthos; modeling, statistics, & experimental design; ecoinformatics

Photo of Jennifer Pollack Jennifer Pollack, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marine Biology
Office: SL2 101
Phone: (361) 825-2041

Field research experience in temperate salt marsh creeks, semi-arid estuaries, and polar regions
Photo of David Portnoy David Portnoy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Marine Biology
Office: HRI 213A
Phone: (361) 825-2859

Conservation genetics of exploited marine fishes, historical patterns of zoogeography, systematics and evolution of bony fishes and elasmobranchs, patterns of sexual selection, conflict and speciation.

Photo of Ed Proffitt Ed Proffitt, Ph.D.
LSCI Chair & Professor
Office: EN 319
Phone: (361) 825-2358

Ecology of estuarine and marine plants and invertebrates; ecological genetics; experimental design and biometry; applying multivariate statistics to address large-scale problems
Photo of Greg Stunz Greg Stunz, Ph.D.
Professor of Marine Biology and Endowed Chair for Fisheries and Ocean Health
Office: HRI 214A
Phone: (361) 825-3254

Marine biology, marine ecology, marine fisheries ecology, fisheries, estuarine ecology, environmental biology

Photo of Benjamin Walther Benjamin Walther, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Office: SL1 102
Phone: (361) 825-4168

Fish migration ecology; population connectivity; habitat use; food web dynamics; carbonate chemistry
Photo of Kim Withers Kim Withers, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Office: NRC 3205
Phone: (361) 825-5907

Tidal flat ecology; invertebrates & nekton of tidal flats & marshes; shorebird habitat use on tidal flats in Laguna Madre & Corpus Christi Bay; mangrove-associated faunas; seagrass ecology & invertebrate communities; impacts of succession on juvenile fish communities; fisheries resources in Texas & Mexico

Photo of Paul Zimba Paul Zimba, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of the Center for Coastal Studies
Office: NRC 3213
Phone: (361) 825-2768

Phytoplankton ecology and harmful algal blooms

Adjunct Faculty in the Fisheries and Mariculture Program

Photo of James Tolan James Tolan, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Office: NRC 2501
Phone: (361) 825-3247

Fisheries; Larval Fish Biology; Bay and Estuary Freshwater Inflows; Ecology; Fisheries Management; Population Biology; Ecological Indicators
Photo of Robert Vega Robert Vega, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Office: Texas P & W
Phone: (361) 939-7784

Mariculture; marine fish hatcheries; stock enhancement

Research Professors in the Fisheries and Mariculture Program

Photo of Donna Devlin Donna Devlin
Research Professor
Office: CS 106
Phone: (361) 825-3935