Graduate Funding Opportunities

A number of fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships are available to graduate level students through the College of Science & Engineering. To be eligible for an assistantship or fellowship an applicant must be eligible for Graduate School enrollment and is required to be admitted to a specific graduate degree program.

Teaching Assistantships
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For more information on graduate funding opportunities,
please contact Dr. LD Chen, Associate Dean of the College of Science & Engineering.

For more information on teaching assistantsthips,

please contact Dr. Mario Garcia, Associate Dean of the College of Science & Engineering.


Teaching Assistantship Forms


Appointment and Assignment Timeline
Orientation Manual
Computer Access Request
Certificate of Employment (in-state)
Evaluation Form
Faculty Data Sheet


Generic Supply Order Form
Contract for Temporary TA Replacement
Generic Schedule Form
TA Worklog

Student Forms

Laboratory Safety Rules & Regulations
Field Trip Waiver
Incident Report Form