Sabrina Krueger


Sabrina Krueger is an adjunct professor at Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi, teaching Astronomy labs, and physical science classes for pre-service teachers.”













 Jonda Halcomb


Jonda Halcomb is the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Del Mar College. She has a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University College Station. Jonda has spent over 25 years promoting STEM to students of all grade levels.











 Alessandra Corsi


Alessandra Corsi is an Associate Professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department of Texas Tech University, and works on time-domain astrophysics and gravitational waves.











 Beth Thacker


Dr. Beth Thacker is an Associate Professor of Physics at Texas Tech University. She does Physics Education Research (PER), studying students' qualitative and quantitative understanding of physics concepts in introductory physics courses taught by traditional and non-traditional methods and students' understanding of topics in modern physics and quantum mechanics. 





Cathy Clewett


Dr. Clewett joined the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences at West Texas A&M University in 2010. She received a B.A. in physics from Grinnell College in 1994, an A.M. in physics from Washington University in St. Louis in 1998 and a Ph.D. in physics from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in 2006.  She recently (August 2018) returned from six months in Prague, Czech Republic where she was a Fulbright Scholar characterizing novel materials – metal organic frameworks – using NMR technology.  She works with NMR in all its forms – from designing new NMR based soil water sensors, to solid, solution, and gas phase NMR.  She has worked in academia, non-profit research, at two government departments (DOE and USDA), and as a middle and high school teacher.  She is a mother of one, a semi-professional harpist, and an avid cook.







Galina Reid


Galina Reid is a Physics and Astronomy instructor in the College of Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.  She is interested in physical science education, learning and understanding the natural phenomena.







Dr. Feri Billiot


Dr. Billiot is a Professor of chemistry, who focuses on understanding chiral recognition mechanism of amino acid based surfactants by utilizing variety of spectroscopy, chromatography and molecular modeling techniques.





Dr. Jeff Spirko


Dr. Spirko is a Professional Assistant Professor in Physics, teaching introductory and upper-level courses including Computational Physics and Thermodynamics.