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 Science and Engineering Academic Advising Center
Administrative Assistant  
LOCATION: Center for Instruction, Suite 350
PHONE: (361)825-3928

Call the number above or stop by the center to schedule an appointment with your assigned Academic Advisor. Upon arrival, please check in at the center’s front desk.

Appointments: During busier periods, our Academic Advisors may get booked quickly, so it is highly encouraged to schedule an appointment ahead of time. There is no guarantee that you will be seen if there is no previously secured appointment.  It is advise-able before traveling to campus, call ahead to verify walk-in advising.

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Late Policy: Any student who arrives 15 minutes or later for an appointment may be asked to reschedule for the next available date. Showing up late could have a ripple effect on the Academic Advisor meeting with their students on schedule for the remainder of that day.  Please be courteous of other students and show up on time!

Not sure who your assigned Academic Advisor is?  Students are assigned by major and classification level. Please see below.

Picture of Andrea Elliott Andrea Elliott
Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Degrees:  
BS Biology & Biology Minor


Walk-In Hours:  Thursday 9am-11am



Picture of Stephanie Dial Stephanie Dial
Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Degrees:  
BS Mechanical Engineering
BS Electrical Engineering

Undeclared Major Status:
Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Pre-Electrical Engineering


Walk-In Hours: Tuesdays 9am-11am


Picture of Ronnie Emanuel Ronnie Emanuel
Academic Advisor III

Graduate Degrees:
MS Biology 
MS Coastal and Marine Sciences 
MS Computer Science 
MS Environmental Science  
MS Fisheries and Mariculture 
MS Geospatial Systems Engineering  
MS Marine Biology 
MS Mathematics  
PhD Degrees:
PhD Coastal and Marine System Science 
PhD Geospatial Computer Science 
PhD Fisheries and Mariculture
PhD Marine Biology

Walk-In Hours:  Mondays 1:30pm-3:30pm


    Jenessa Hernandez
Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Degrees:  
BS Atmospheric Science
BS Geology  
BS Environmental Science  
BS Physics 
BS Chemistry

Environmental Science
Atmospheric Science


Walk-In Hours: Fridays 9am-11am


Picture of Stephanie Hock Stephanie Hock
Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Degrees:  
BS Clinical Laboratory Science
BS Biomedical Sciences-Forensics & Pre-Professional


Walk-In Hours: Wednesdays 9am-11am


Picture of Crystal Trevino Crystal Trevino
Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Degrees:
BS Computer Science
BS Mathematics
BS Mechanical Engineering Technology 
Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering Technology


Walk-In Hours:  Tuesdays 9am-11am


Picture of Martha Simcik Martha Simcik
Senior Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Degrees:
BS Geographic Information Science
Geographic Information Science

Undeclared Major Status:
BS Undecided

Walk-In Hours:  Tuesdays 9am-11:00am