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For Faculty

Important Academic Dates (Fall 2016):

10/24 - 11/9 Midterm grade submission window (Use either Faculty Self-Service or Blackboard)

11/11 - Last day to drop a course within long Fall term with a "W."

11/18 - Spring 2017 Syllabi due to PENS admin

11/22-23 - Reading Days - no classes

11/24 -25 - Thanksgiving Holiday

12/05 - Last day to withdraw from all courses for long Fall term

12/06 - Last day of classes for long Fall term and 2nd 7-week session; Final exams for 2nd 7-week session

12/07 - Reading Day

12/08-14 - Final Exams | Exam Schedule:

12/17 - Fall 2016 Commencement at American Bank Center

12/19 - Final grades due by 12 noon

Department Meetings: 

11/18 - PENS Dept Meeting

12/16 - PENS Dept Meeting

1/20 - PENS Dept Meeting

2/17 - PENS Dept Meeting

3/10 - PENS Dept Meeting

4/21 - PENS Dept Meeting

5/19 - PENS Dept Meeting


* Upcoming travel for you or your students? Please contact an admin if you have any questions on what to do or how to begin a travel request.

* Requests for international travel must be completed at least 90 days prior to travel. 

* Field trips require complete student travel forms and travel request approval at least 5 days prior to travel. 

* Only faculty, staff, or students employed by the university may drive for field trips. All drivers must complete driver waivers and be cleared by UPD. 

* Travel Card should only be used when in travel mode

* Travel receipts and PCard receipts must be itemized and show credit card authorization.

* Have you approved your student's biweekly timesheet

* No students can begin working until they have completed both new employee paperwork and an I-9 (with appropriate ID documentation) with a PENS admin.

* All Faculty (including Adjuncts) must complete a class arrangement form if you are required to miss class for any reason (ex: travel or jury duty) and detail how you will provide for your students during that time.

* Keep up with your TrainTraqs to avoid being locked out of SSO.

* Did you receive a new PCard? Please let a PENS admin know.