Texas Physics Consortium

The Texas Physics Consortium (TPC) is a cooperative group of Physics departments and programs that would normally not be able to maintain a Physics Major program.  For more information, visit our web page: Texas Physics Consortium.

TAMUCC students interested in TPC courses should contact Dr. Spirko, jeffery.spirko@tamucc.edu, 361-825-6020.

There are several delivery methods for TPC courses.

  • TTVN is a two-way live video link between certain classrooms on campuses around TAMUS.
  • TTVN Webcasts are live relays of the TTVN feed available over the web.  These are one-way links not providing the opportunity to interact with the class.
  • TTVN WebMeeting is a Skype-like experience that can be linked to the TTVN two-way classes if necessary.  This is not set up by default.
  • TAMUS Media Matrix provides many video recordings, including all TPC classes.  These are usually available later in the day after the class is held.

Spring 2014 Classes

As of 2014-01-10, two of the TPC classes are being received at TAMUCC this semester.  They are:

  • PHYS 3312.301, Modern Physics, is MWF 10am-10:50am, in CCH-252, also on TTVN Webcasts channel 6.
  • PHYS 3490.304, SPECIAL TOPICS: Physics of Medical Imaging, is MWF Noon-12:50pm, in CCH-252, on TTVN Webcasts channel 8.