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Physics Electives

Support Field Elective Ideas

The Support Field Electives are an 18-credit portion of the Joint BS in Physics, including at least 6 credits of advanced courses.  As described in the catalog, they are to be chosen in consultation with the student’s physics faculty advisor.  Here is an idea for a set of support field courses:

Math Minor and Computer Science Minor

The Physics Major already includes lots of math courses and a computer science course.  These 6 courses would form an excellent Support Field in numerical modeling, and would complete Minors in Math and Computer Science.

  • (3 cr.) MATH-2305 Discrete Mathematics I
  • (3 cr.) MATH-3311 Linear Algebra
  • (4 cr.) COSC-1436 Intro Problem Solving II
  • (4 cr.) COSC-2437 Data Structures
  • (3 cr.) COSC-3385 Numerical Methods
  • (3 cr.) COSC-4343 Algorithms

Other Ideas?

Contact one of the Physics Professors!