Elena Kobrinski Keen

Elena Kobrinski Keen, Ph.D. 2017

Faculty Advisor: Richard McLaughlin
Dissertation: Status, Strategies, and Cost Management of Offshore Oil Rig Platform Decommissioning and Rigs-to-Reefs Programs in the Gulf of Mexico: Addressing Decommissioning Challenges Using a Multi-Criteria Approach


Ryan Rezek

Ryan Rezek, Ph.D. 2017

Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Pollack
Dissertation: Ecological Structure and Function of Restored Habitats Across a Range of Coastal Environments


Kaitlyn Schroeder

Kaitlyn Schroder (Spain), Ph.D. 2017

Faculty Advisor: Delbert Smee
Dissertation: Dazed and Confused: Pesticides Alter Physiology, Behavior, and Predatory-Prey Interactions of Juvenile and Adult Blue Crabs (Callinectes Sapidus)


Rachel Edwards

Rachel Edwards, M.S. 2016

Faculty Advisor: James Gibeaut
Thesis: Rising Above: Impacts of Coastal Policies with Respect to Sea Level Rise in Galveston Bay, Texas


Lauren Hutchison

Lauren Hutchison, Ph.D. 2016

Faculty Advisor: David Yoskowitz
Dissertation: Operationalizing coastal wetland ecosystem services for enhanced decision making and resilience.


Evan Turner

Evan Turner, Ph.D. 2016

Faculty Advisors: Paul Montagna and Alexey Sadovski
Dissertation: Modeling nutrient dynamics in the estuaries of the Gulf of Mexico.


Brittany Blomberg

Brittany Blomberg, Ph.D. 2015

Faculty Advisors: Paul Montagna and Jennifer Pollack
Dissertation: Evaluating success of oyster reef restoration.

Maureen Trnka

Maureen Trnka, Ph.D. 2015

Faculty Advisors: Paul Zimba and Alberto M. Mestas-Nuñez
Dissertation: Associations between chlorophyll and wind forcing in the Gulf of Mexico derived from satellite observations.

Anthony Reisinger

Anthony Reisinger, Ph.D. 2015

Faculty Advisor: James Gibeaut
Dissertation: Suspended Sediment Dynamics of Texas Estuaries.


Eleonor Barraza

Eleonor Barraza, Ph.D. 2014

Faculty Advisor: James Gibeaut
Increasing resilience of urban development on Texas barrier islands.


Bhanu Paudel

Bhanu Paudel, Ph.D. 2014

Faculty Advisor: Paul Montagna
Dissertation: Interations between suspended sediments, nutrients, and freshwater inflow in Texas estuaries.


Harriet Nash

Harriet Nash, Ph.D. 2013

Faculty Advisor: Richard McLaughlin
Dissertation: Trinational governance to protect ecological connectivity: support for establishing an international Gulf of Mexico marine protected area network.


Hongzhi Song

Hongzhi Song, Ph.D. 2013

Faculty Advisor: Alexey Sadovski
Dissertation: Geoid determination in the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico.


Natalya Warner

Natalya Warner, Ph.D. 2013

Faculty Advisor: Philippe Tissot
Dissertation: Estimated increase in inundation probability with confidence intervals for the Gulf of Mexico.


Gabby Ahmadia

Gabby Ahmadia, Ph.D. 2012

Faculty Advisor: Frank Pezold
Dissertation: Elucidating factors structuring cryptobenthic reef fish assemblages.


John Wood

John Wood, Ph.D. 2012

Faculty Advisor: James Gibeaut
Dissertation: Hyperspectral analysis of seagrass in Redfish Bay, Texas.


Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson, Ph.D. 2012

Faculty Advisor: Delbert Smee
Dissertation: Eastern oysters offer no pearl, but they might be in peril: understanding how lethal and non lethal predator effects influence oyster distribution and reef community.


Morgan Kilgour

Morgan Kilgour, Ph.D. 2012

Faculty Advisors: Thomas Shirley and John W. Tunnell
Dissertation: Galatheoidea and Chirostyloidea of the Gulf of Mexico: Diversity, reproductive biology and molecular phylogeny.


Kevin Nelson

Kevin Nelson, Ph.D. 2012

Faculty Advisor: Paul Montagna
Dissertation: The relative roles of salinity stratification and nutrient loading in seasonal hypoxia in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas.


Keith Johnson

Maggie Dalthorp, Ph.D. 2011

Faculty Advisor: Thomas Naehr
Dissertation: The geology of Gulf of Mexico hydrocarbon seeps: structural and stratigraphic relationships of hydrocarbon seeps in the Gulf of Mexico and the geological factors contributing to sea surface oil slick formation.


Bridgette Froeschke

Bridgette Froeschke, Ph.D. 2011

Faculty Advisor: Greg Stunz
Dissertation: Assessment of past, present, and future status of southern flounder (Paralichthys lethostigma) in Texas using a time series and quantitative modeling approach. 


Sandra Arismendez

Sandra Arismendez, Ph.D. 2010

Faculty Advisors: Paul Montagna and John W. Tunnell
Dissertation: Land-water nutrient coupling processes in central Texas estuaries.


John Froeschke

John Froeschke, Ph.D. 2010

Faculty Advisors: Greg Stunz and Mark Wildhaber
Defining essential fish habitat: The influence of life history, biotic, and abiotic factors.


Peter Etnoyer

Peter Etnoyer, Ph.D. 2009

Faculty Advisor: Thomas Shirley
Dissertation: Distribution and diversity of octocorals in the Gulf of Mexico.


Oscar Garcia-Pineda

Oscar Garcia-Pineda, Ph.D. 2009

Faculty Advisor: Ian MacDonald
Dissertation: Spatial and temporal analysis of oil slicks in the Gulf of Mexico based on remote sensing.