Prospective Students

Are you interested in developing creative thinking skills, problem solving skills, and the logical reasoning needed to apply these abilities in practical ways?

With the help of our dedicated faculty Math Majors at TAMUCC you can do just that. At TAMUCC you can earn both a BS and MS in Mathematics. Most of our students focus their career track in one of three areas: Teaching, Graduate School, or Career Skills. Our faculty is dedicated to guiding you through the track of your choice, or customizing your degree to fit your needs.

  1. We have two tracks offered in the MS program, the Applied and Computational Mathematics track and the Curriculum Content track. Read the 2017-2018 MS in Mathematics catalog as linked to identify which fits your interests better.
  2. Applicants will not be admitted to the program without a graduate advisor. Review the list of Faculty and contact the program faculty to identify a faculty member willing to serve as the graduate advisor.
  3. Go to the MS in Mathematics link on the Graduate College site to complete your application, including reference to your Track and Faculty Mentor.
  4. Complete an application to become a Teaching Assistant at the link below or contact your prospective Faculty Mentor about other funding opportunities.

Departmental Research Activity

Faculty and students in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics are involved in a variety of research projects, from robotics to modeling to scientific computation. If you are interested in pursuing a research project at either the undergraduate or graduate level, please see the Faculty Directory to view each faculty member's specific areas of research interest. Develop your own research project, or align your research with that of a faculty member.