Placement Grid

Department of Mathematics & Statistics


  1. *Only students TSI liable in math are required to be in developmental math. All others are eligible to enroll in a level III or higher course based on above chart.

  2. **Level II course must be co-req’d with either MATH 1314 or MATH 1332 or MATH 1442 (level III math class).
  3. Placement is at the highest level by any indication. Students must be in TSI compliance.
  4. Students not college ready may retest on the TSI, complete MATH 0300, or complete a non-course based option. Contact CASA for details on becoming college ready.
  5. Placement by the above scheme can be challenged through a local exam. Contact Academic Testing - (361) 825-2334.
  6. Any “≈” must be determined by the Math Department, located on the third floor of Center for Instruction (CI 301).
  7. ^Minimum scores for New SAT Math test taken March 2016 and forward per Admissions and SAT Concordance Tables.