Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are graduate students who work 20 hours per week assisting in laboratory exercises and preparations, field trip activities and teaching support in various programs throughout the College of Science and Technology. Teaching Assistants earn a monthly salary and receive benefits. Out-of-state students who are employed as Teaching Assistants qualify for in-state tuition rates. More information about Teaching Assistantships (including application forms, etc.) is found on the College of Science and Engineering TA Page.

The Department of Life Sciences is one of the largest employers of Teaching Assistants in the College of Science and Technology. Graduate students who are interested in teaching assistantships in Biology may find it useful to browse through the course offerings. You may also wish to consult the LSCI Faculty List and contact faculty members whose interest areas are closely allied to your academic experience and/or teaching abilities.

Biology or Mariculture graduate students with appropriate experience may also find employment as Teaching Assistants in programs from other departments, especially the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences (PENS), which houses programs such as Chemistry, Geology, Physics and Environmental Science.

For more information about Teaching Assistantships, contact:

Dr. Mario Garcia
College of Science and Engineering
CI-370, Unit 5806
6300 Ocean Drive
Corpus Christi, Texas 78412-5806
Telephone: (361) 825-2898
FAX: (361) 825-5789