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Lab Student at TAMUCCWelcome to the Department of Life Sciences (LSCI)
We appreciate your interest in our department and hope that you find the information you seek about its degree programs, outreach programs, and research efforts through the navigational links at left. The four programs in the Department of Life Sciences offer six degrees (two undergraduate and four graduate) ranging from baccalaureate to doctoral:

In courses and in research, students in the Department of Life Sciences meet high standards of performance. Each program of study is interdisciplinary and requires course work from other programs and departments. Likewise, the courses offered through the Department of Life Sciences attract students majoring in other programs, departments and colleges. Our graduates are admitted to positions of responsibility, and to noted graduate and professional schools throughout the state, nation and world.

Our courses and research laboratories explore life processes from a variety of perspectives, and are also involved in developing theories and concepts into practical applications. Discovery and the expansion of the knowledge base from the molecular/biochemical to the organismal levels provide opportunities in health care, industry and government. Over time, interactions of organisms with each other and with their physical environment produce changes in both the organisms and the environment. Developing an understanding of processes also leads to practical applications in business, law, and public policy.

A dedicated faculty using excellent, modern facilities provides the classroom, field, and laboratory experiences necessary to help the students achieve their goals. Most faculty members in the Department of Life Sciences are actively engaged in research, giving undergraduate and graduate students many opportunities to participate in faculty-supervised research experiences.

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