This page is dedicated to the courses offered. 

Courses are offered for students who want to help expand the research database in South Texas. 


  • BIOL 4409/5409 Field and Sampling Techniques - MarineGEO

​This four week course is offered in Summer I and covers the basics of marine and estuarine field and laboratory research.  Built around MarineGEO sampling, students will learn to conduct a marine ecology field campaign, collect and preserve a suite of sample types, process the samples in the laboratory, and organize and analyze the data in small groups.  Fieldwork is conducted from boats and in wadeable areas of Oso Bay, the Mission Aransas NERR, and the Laguna Madre near the TAMUCC Field Station.  Sampling procedures covered includes benthic cores, seagrass sampling (quadrats, epifauna, shoot density, fouling load), oyster habitat assessment, nekton sampling (seining, throw traps, otter trawl), water chemistry, and measuring ecosystem processes including predation rates and colonization rates.  All of the data collected will be QA/QC’d and contributed to the Smithsonian Tenembaum Marine Observatory Network’s global marine biodiversity database.



Sample Student Papers can be located in this archive.