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Thesis Options

The research option develops a student's competence in investigating a research topic and reporting the findings with full documentation in a scientific format. This affords the student the opportunity to gain expertise in a specific area of mariculture-aquaculture and to produce research results of publishable quality. Through such research a student develops a better appreciation of what constitutes valid research design, methodology, statistical analysis, and conclusions. Courses are listed below; a semester-by-semester schedule is also available.

Important Note: Laboratory Safety Seminar (SMTE 0091) is a co-requisite course for all courses in the Department of Life Sciences that have a laboratory component.

Mariculture Courses, Research Option (5000-sequence):

Course # Course Title SCH
FAMA 5102 Graduate Research Seminar 1
FAMA 5312 Mariculture Techniques 3
FAMA 5314 Aquatic Animal Nutrition 3
FAMA 5315 Diseases and Parasites of Aquatic Organisms 3
FAMA 5322 Aquaculture Economics 3
FAMA 5370 Mariculture 3
FAMA 5393 Thesis Research 6
FAMA 5421 Chemistry of Natural Waters 4
FAMA 5436 Marine Ecological Processes 4
MATH 5315 Statistical Methods of Research 3
Approved Support Course 3

Elective courses chosen from the following suggestions will give the student a strong knowledge base that can be broad or focused on one area. Courses in related fields may be selected with consent of the major advisor(s). Elective courses are subject to change and some may not be offered every semester.

Mariculture Electives (5000-sequence):

Course # Course Title SCH
FAMA 5432 Aquatic System Design 4
FAMA 5590 Selected Topics 1-5
FAMA 5596 Directed Independent Study 1-5

Graduate Biology Electives (5000-sequence):

Course # Course Title SCH
BIOL 5202 Coral Reef Field Studies 2
BIOL 5301 Coral Reef Systems 3
BIOL 5335 Aquatic Microbiology 3
BIOL 5409 Field and Laboratory Methods 4
BIOL 5412 Ecology of Fresh Waters 4
BIOL 5415 Biology of Estuarine Organisms 4
BIOL 5417 Microbial Ecology 4
BIOL 5431 Phycology 4
BIOL 5432 Biology of Fishes 4
BIOL 5437 Ecology of Marine Plants 4
BIOL 5590 Special Topics 1-5