Marine Biology Track

Washing shrimp
diving at a coral reef
Laguna Madre Field Station Laguna Madre Field Station
field trip in a boat

This track focuses on all aspects of organisms in marine and coastal systems. Examples of careers available to students choosing this track are:

  • fisheries and aquaculture
  • coastal and marine management and conservation
  • natural history of coastal and marine organisms
  • aquatic science
  • marine animal care and rehabilitation
  • outdoor recreation and public education

To earn a Bachelor of Science in Biology (in any career track), students must complete both the…

In addition, students will complete at least 45 semester credit hours of course work in the Marine Biology Track. Twenty-eight semester credit hours are required marine biology core courses; the other seventeen hours are marine biology electives. A student (in consultation with his or her Faculty Mentor and Academic Advisor) selects appropriate electives to personalize the Blank Marine Biology Track Degree Plan. The current Undergraduate Catalog contains a description of the Biology Program.