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Aquaculture America Conference 2017

A FAMA (Fisheries and Mariculture) MS student, Jacqueline Mitchell (pictured on the right), and a MARB (Marine Biology) PhD candidate, Ivy McClellan Jones (pictured on the left), are presenting their research at Aquaculture America, a conference in San Antonio, this week.


Ivy McClellan Jones, presenting "Preliminary Evaluation of Marine Micralgae as a Potential Replacement For Fishmeal in Aquaculture Diets," is supervised by TAMU-CC's Dr. Joe Fox.

Jacquline Mitchell, presenting "Determination of the Optimal Mesh Material for Algal Turf Scrubbers and Their Effectiveness in Large-Scale Super-Intensive Aquaculture," is supervised by Dr. Anthony Siccardi and Dr. Ed Proffit.