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American Fisheries Society Scholarship

Last Image: Hailey Boeck (MS MARB, Scarpa), Elizabeth “Lizz” Hunt (MS FAMA, Portnoy), and Kesley Gibson (PhD MARB, Stunz) at the annual meeting held Jan 20-21 in Corpus Christi. 
Hailey Boeck, a first year Marine Biology Graduate student, was awarded an American Fisheries Society Scholarship at the Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Annual Convention.  Her Thesis research is focused on surveying oysters in Texas Bay systems in order to find a parasite (Bonamia). The findings from this project may assist the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in guiding science-based policy for movement of oysters between Texas bay systems, especially in relation to the potential use of hatchery-produced oysters for aquaculture in Texas.