About Us

Our Objectives

  1. Research
    • Investigate aquifer dynamics, and freshwater/saltwater interactions
    • Climate variability impacts on coastal water resources
    • Nutrient (and other constituents) export to coastal embayments through submarine groundwater discharge 
    • Seasonal and temporal dynamics of submarine groundwater discharge to south Texas estuaries
    • Analyses the role of coastal depositional environments on submarine groundwater discharge
    • Analyses the role of coastal depositional environments on submarine groundwater discahege
    • Develop techniques for evaluating water contamination using proxies
    • Conduct geophysical studies to evaluate the stratigraphic and hydrogeological properties of aquifers
  2. Compliance and Remediation Studies
    • Evaluate and model pollutants such as bacteria and trace elements in local hydrologic systems
    • Model groundwater availability
    • Apply GIS technology to develop integrated databases for evaluating water resource issues
  3. Education
    • Supervise Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi graduate students in stratigraphic and hydrogeological investigations
    • Mentor Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi undergraduate students in directed independent studies involving hydrogeological investigations
    • Support the Environmental Science and Geology Programs at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi by serving as course instructors
    • Provide computing and laboratory facilities for graduate and undergraduate studies and research
  4. Community Outreach
    • Support conservation efforts by participating on advisory boards and forums oriented to local resource preservation
    • Counsel local school district educators about water resources and water quality issues affecting the coastal bend
    • Expose students from local school districts to water supply and Earth science topics