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Research Mentors

Dr. Dulal Kar

Dr. Dulal Kar

(361) 825-5878

Research Interests
Algorithms, Network Architecture and Performance Measurement, Network and Information Security, Information Retrieval, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Cloud Computing, Crytography, Steganography

Photo of Scott King

Dr. Scott King

(361) 825-5877

Research Interests

Computer Graphics: Facial Animation and Modeling, Real-Time Graphics, Rendering, Scientific Visualization; Face-to-Face Human Computer Interaction

Dr. Alaa Sheta Dr. Alaa Sheta

(361) 825-3711

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Neural Network, Control System Design, Machine Vision, Modeling and Simulation, UAV, Robotics, Software Development, Software Cost Estimation.

Photo of Mamta Yadav

Dr. Mamta Yadav
(361) 825-2688

Research Interests
Wireless Sensor Networks, Communication Networks, Network Science, Mobile Computing, and Robotics.

Dr. Michael Starek Dr. Michael Starek
(361) 825-3172

Research Interests
Geospatial Remote Sensing and Analytics, including LiDAR and UAV approaches, for study of natural and built systems with emphasis on Coastal-Environmental problem domains.