Computer Science

Suggested Plan for Graduate Degree in Computer Science

Completing a graduate computer science degree requires careful planning. The following is a suggested course sequence that takes into account course prerequisite requirements and also when courses are offered. Many such sequences will work, and you have some options here, but be careful to make sure courses are taught the semester you plan to take them, and that you have met all prerequisites. Also, note that courses fill and you could miss an opportunity to take a course when offered. It is highly recommended that you visit with your Academic Advisor to discuss you plan in detail.

University Core Curriculum information can be found in the University Core Curriculum Programs.

Graduate Degree Plan

Concentration Tracks
Software and Programming - A
Data Science - B
Cyber Science - C

Maybe - M
Offered - X
Project - Taken in last sem for courses option
Thesis - Required for Thesis option

Courses Track Summer Fall (Odd) Spring (Even) Fall (Even) Spring (Odd)

COSC  5340

Human-Computer Interaction A X
COSC  5353 Compiler Design and Construction A X
COSC  5356 Theory of Computation A M X
COSC  5360 Parallel Computing A X
COSC  5362 Mobile Software Development A X X
COSC  5365 Current Trends in Programming A X
COSC  5324 Digital Image Processing B X
COSC  5326 Computer Vision B X
COSC  5327 Introduction to Computer Graphics B X
COSC  5328 Advanced Computer Graphics B X
COSC  5336 Database Management Systems B X X
COSC  5337 Data Mining B M
COSC  5350 Advanced Topics in DBMS B X
COSC  5354 Artificial Intelligence B X
COSC  5355 Data Communications and Networking C X
COSC  5357 Wireless Sensor Networks C X
COSC  5374 Computer Forensics C X
COSC  5375 Information Assurance C X
COSC  5376 Network Security C X
COSC  5377 Applied Cryptography C X
COSC  5379 Advanced Information Assurance C X
COSC  5334 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Core X X X X
COSC  5351 Advanced Computer Architecture Core X X X X
COSC  5352 Advanced Operating Systems Core X X X X
COSC  5370 Advanced Software Engineering Project X X X X
COSC  5393 Research Methods in Computer Science Thesis X X