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Taposh “Tap” Rudra

Class of December 2005 (B.S.)

Tap RudraCurrently working at: USAA as the Software/Systems Engineer (

His Duties: I work on designing and sometimes maintaining the large systems that support our Claims department here, including electronic documents that are viewed by the Member Service Representatives that serve our customers.

Tap said: Taking the Claims department, a huge part of our business, paperless was a large undertaking that was a year in the works when I arrived and continued for almost three years more. It was fun to work with images and compression technology and also support the customers as they received the application, to see them use it and appreciate it.

Working in an on-boarding community has been extremely challenging and rewarding. I am an officer in “Nexus” which is our college-hire social and professional group. We plan events and give college hires a chance to interact and design our own experiences to help us adjust to life in the Corporate world, through events that help us learn and develop and others that simply help us get to know each other.

My CS position is really cool because USAA puts employee well-being high on it’s list of priorities. I’ve had the chance to help the college-hire community bring in over 20 IT and non-IT related guest speakers to talk to the company, including Silicon Valley CEOs, former oil titans-turned clean-energy advocates, and even astronauts. Meeting them personally has been rewarding.

My technical work gives me a chance to see many different types of technologies at work, since we explore many ways to use IT here. It’s not a pain to get things done, though, because our IT is very centralized. Every one of my friends works with something completely different than I do, though, so it’s easy to get a chance to learn.