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Rita Annette Sperry

Class of May 2004 (B.S.) and May 2007 (M.S.)

Rita SperryCurrently working at: Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi as a Seminar Coordinator/Instructor (

Rita teaches two sections of Freshman Seminar per semester, hires and trains new Seminar instructors, monitors and evaluates current Seminar instructors and also serves as liaison for Freshman Seminar at various local and national events.

Rita said “This summer I created an online database system for the BoldFuture initiative in Corpus Christi. I am currently designing and coding a First-Year Experience page for First-Year Programs here at TAMU-CC. Although it may not appear so, I use a lot of my CS ”skills” in my current position. I get to do web design and create fun applications (like Jeopardy review games and an online grade tracking system) for my students. My job is beyond cool.”