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Dr. Phillip Davis

Class of May 1985 (M.S.)


Dr. Phillip Davis

Currently working at: GeoTech Center as the Director (

Phillip is the Director and Principle Investigator of the $5 million National Science Foundation GeoTech Center of Excellence. One of the most exciting Computer Science projects that Phillip has worked on is developing the $5 million Center of Excellence in GIS for two year colleges.

Phillip says:

 “My future in computer science is so bright I gotta wear shades!”

Excerpt from his online profile:
Phillip Davis is a professor of computer science at Del Mar College, where he has taught since 1983. His research interest includes mobile computing and online learning. Phillip Davis has led two ATE grants and served as CoPI on two others, totaling $7M. He is a graduate of Texas A&M Corpus Christi holding the BS, MS, and PhD in Computer Science (Nova Southeastern). He is married to Kathleen Soch, MD and father to Thomas, Ann and John Howard. Phillip serves as the PI and Director of the GeoTech Center.