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Dawn Green

Class of 1999 (B.S.)

Currently working at: Thunder Data Systems, Inc. as the Owner/Project Manager (

DaweDawn said: Communication is probably the biggest cause of software failure when developing applications. My primary role lies in educating clients about the software or website development process and creating a domain specific language that allows us to share ideas to minimize misunderstandings.

I also work closely with our developers to ensure the clients’ goals are met while listening to the needs of our programmers to ensure they receive the time and tools to create good code they can be proud of. ThunderTix (, our proprietary software as service, gives entertainment venues, sporting leagues, and community groups the ability to manage their events and sell tickets online or via their in-house box office. Used by clients throughout the U.S., ThunderTix has been in development for nearly 5 years first as a PHP app and then moved to Ruby on Rails. We are finally there for our 2.0 launch, and we are excited!

Computer science dominates business news today, and careers in this industry offer a wealth of opportunities for coders, project managers, product managers, and everything in between. I love learning, and the advances in tech give me ample time to learn and try new code bits and ideas. In honesty, I’ve met physicians and attorneys who are envious of what we do.

My degree opened up the possibility to own my own business. After working at TAMUCC for Dr. Claudia Johnston and Dr. Patrick Michaud, I took the leap to start Thunder Data. It has been absolutely rewarding, and every challenge has made us as a team stronger.

With the tight knit group that TAMUCC has in the CS department, I was also fortunate to create strong ties to people like Scott Duff, Niall Durham, and Patrick Michaud–all still working with or for the University–that allowed us to work together as this business grew. To this day, I’m thankful to them and all the staff at TAMUCC who helped make Thunder Data a reality.

What about Grad School? Right now, I’m working on my Project Manager Professional credentials, but one day I’d love to get back for an MS in MIS or my MBA.