College of Science and Engineering

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Dean Pezold

Student success depends on strong education and research programs, and a dynamic and award-winning faculty. Preparation offered to you by the College of Science & Engineering programs is unsurpassed whether you are interested in Biomedical Sciences, Marine Biology, Environmental Sciences, Engineering or a future in Computer Sciences, you won’t find a better education than that offered here. Here, faculty and students are engaged in cutting edge research in marine sciences, computer science, engineering, hydrology, field ecology, and mathematics. Here, upper division and graduate educational programs combine small class size and hands-on work to provide the best in student learning experiences. And, here, I think, you will find your home in higher education.

You’ll find dynamic programs supported by a vibrant, award-winning faculty deeply invested in the ultimate purpose of a university - education - the growth and continuity of knowledge from one generation to the next. As a part of that education, we encourage and support student participation in faculty research on a range of topics from the effects of boat propeller scarring on seagrass beds in Redfish Bay to computer graphics and visualization on “Pixel Island.”

Mission Statement
The College of Science and Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in basic and applied sciences to support the technical requirements of our post-industrial society. In addition, the College provides many courses supporting the science literacy requirements of non-majors. Specialized course offerings and degree sequences support Education majors seeking science and mathematics teaching certifications.
Vision Statement

The College of Science & Engineering is committed to maintaining an academic environment in which students may develop as productive citizens who will contribute to society. The faculty recognizes the need to prepare individuals who have an understanding of the foundations and principles of their respective fields and professions. In order to accomplish this purpose, the administration and faculty of the College share the following objectives:

To provide the opportunity for each student to assimilate and apply the body of knowledge required by a chosen discipline through a clearly defined sequence of courses.

  • To develop each student's ability to think critically and to communicate effectively through creative and challenging educational experiences.
  • To encourage each student to become a well-rounded, educated person through exposure to other disciplines within the University.
  • To contribute to the greater body of knowledge in specialized disciplines through research, scholarship, and professional endeavors.
  • To serve as a professional and educational resource to the local area and larger community by providing consultation and special services